Register of Members’ Books.

Please send a listing of your book/s (including anthologies in which you have poetry) to Jim Mynard:-

Jessop, Lois:-

Benjamin Banjo Frog.

 Tobop Productions.
Johnson, MG
No Time to Waste.
Mynard, Jim:-
On The Swamp.


Simmons, Graham:-
Thirty Six Poems.
Plays performed.
Ohm 1971.
The Sacrifice 1971.
Mishka and Nomagave 1975.
Script For Four Friends 1981.
For children.
Tulla, Murk and Grub 1973.
George iii/iv and Dragon 1 1973
Smith, Gordon:-
An Australian Story.  (Translated into Portugese)
Lady Ruth Bromfield.
The Family That went to War. (Translated to             Portugese).
The Ministry Communications Unit.
All four books are being translated into Chinese.
Smailes, Lynn:-
A Prescribed Life.

Affirm Press.
Co-written with Tony Atkinson.
Stone, Dulcie:-
Changing Times, Changing Lives.
Spectrum Publications (free).
Tavrou, Nenia:-
Magical Moments of an Adventurous Life.
Wilson, Edwin.
At good poetry stores or download:- edwinwilson,