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Free membership; Membership registrar required; the Australian Writer.

Free membership available.

During this period of Fellowship of Australian Writers Vic restructure, the committee is offering free membership for their first year, (NEW MEMBERS) to people who join before Tuesday 31 January 2017. Please contact FAW secretary Jim Mynard on 0417 567 741.

Or email the secretary:-

Membership Registrar required.

The Fellowship of Australian Writers Vic is in need of a membership registrar as part of the fellowship’s restructure program, which involves diversification of tasks. The volunteer position would involve being a member of the FAW committee. Records are kept on the MYOB system. The position requires weekly updates. Details available from FAW secretary Jim Mynard:-  Or phone 0417 567 741.

The Australian Writer

The Australian Writer monthly newsletter welcomes contributions of short stories, poetry, and notes from regional writing groups. Plus short stories and poetry for the Australian Writer anthologies. Please click on The Australian Writer page above.