Established in 1928, the Fellowship of Australian Writers has branches in most states of Australia.

The Victorian branch of the Fellowship was founded in 1938 and, like our interstate branches, we operate without ongoing government funding. It is part of the Fellowship ethos that we are powered by the efforts of volunteers. The Victorian branch is a non-profit organisation and registered charity that aims to bring together and give advice to all those interested in writing. Our membership includes writers working in diverse fields.

The Fellowship is active on behalf of writers in areas such as government policy, literary awards, professional advice, representation of writers’ rights and the promotion of literature.

Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) Vic. Inc., members receive:

  • Four issues of The Australian Writer per year,
  • Advice on matters related and other matters
  • Discounted entry to FAW readings and workshops,
  • Discounted entry into the FAW National Literary Awards,
  • Member discounts (for cash purchases only) at Collected Works bookshop

Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) Vic. Inc Committee
President: Gail Blundell
Vice-President: Jennifer Leslie
Secretary: Louise Davenport
Treasurer: Philip Rainford
General Committee: Alicia Bee, Angelo Salamanca, Cameron Dawdy, Beau Brendon
Editor of The Australian Writer: Alicia Bee
Office Administration Volunteer: Cameron Dawdy
Volunteers: Sandra Di Francesco

Life Members
Adrian Penniston-Bird, Bill Anderson, Graeme Base, Robyn Base, Geoffrey Blainey AC, Gail Blundell, Helen Bruinier, Mary Burbidge, Margaret Campbell, Grant Caldwell, Helen Cerne, Sherryl Clark, Di Cranston, Cathie Elder, Eileen Hamilton, Jennifer Harrison, Shirley Hassen, Kristin Henry, Ian Hillard, Paul Jennings, Peter Krausz, Louise Le Nay, Maria Lewitt OAM, Garth Madsen, Clare Mendes, Michael Meszaros, Paul Natoli, Marcus Niski, Colin Peterson, Philton, Philip Rainford, Shirley Randles, Ken Russell, Ken Simpson, Jean Thornton